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Telehealth (online therapy)

Although therapy sessions are traditionally held within the physical office of a therapist, this is not always an option for all clients. For some, the reality of carving out time to not only attend therapy sessions, but also the time to drive to and from sessions, is enough to keep people from attending therapy in the first place.

Thankfully, the available space for therapy is catching up to the modern world by allowing therapists and clients to have sessions through their computers and phones. Which means the possibility of attending therapy can become a reality without dedicating any additional time for driving. You could attend therapy from your office, car, or home- wherever works best for you.

Willow Tree Therapy has chosen as the avenue through which to provide the option for online therapy. This programs provides a secure, confidential space to access therapy at no extra cost to you. 

Online therapy can be a good fit for some, but not all. This depends on a number of factors and can be discussed with your therapist to see if in office or online sessions will provide you with the best opportunity to meet your therapeutic goals.

Online therapy sessions are available for the same rate as in office sessions and sliding scale is still available for those who qualify. Cigna also includes Telehealth (online therapy) as an option on some insurance plans. Contact Cigna directly to see if Telehealth is included in your particular plan.