The start of therapy services.

Let’s face it, reaching out for therapy services can be daunting, overwhelming, and at the very least – a bit uncomfortable. Hoping to ease the transition, this page is dedicated to offering information outlining the typical process of entering services at Willow Tree Therapy.

INVESTIGATE - And here you are, doing exactly that. Click around on this site to find the information you desire. Any therapist who is worth your time will be able to offer information regarding their theoretical orientation, previous training, current license to practice, engagement in continuing education, etc. In short, all of their efforts to provide the best mental health services to you based on accurate training and up-to-date research.

CONTACT - Leave a voicemail or send an email with some information about you such as your name, reason for seeking services, and name of your health insurance company. Also, and what is most helpful in cutting down on our potential game of “phone tag”, provide your contact information along with the best time of day to reach you.

FIRST CALL - A brief conversation (usually 15 minutes) is needed before our first session so that I may answer any questions you have as well as see if I might be the right fit for you (or your child) or if I can offer you information of another ethical clinician who may better meet your needs.

PAPERWORK - After our first conversation, I will send a link to a private and secure area in which to complete paperwork regarding entering therapy services. This is done in a digital format to offer the convenience of completing it at home rather than in my waiting room. Once all paperwork is completed, your intake/first appointment can be scheduled.

FIRST APPOINTMENT/INTAKE SESSION - No need to arrive early for your first appointment, as you have already completed all the paperwork! Adults may come alone or with a support person, if desired. Minors must attend with a parent or guardian (guardians must provide legal documentation of guardianship). In order to provide privacy to all who obtain my services, please send a text stating that you have arrived and I will retrieve you from Willow Tree’s waiting room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you see people who have the kind of issues I’m dealing with?

I see individuals dealing primarily with disorders such as OCD, Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, Tic Disorders (such as Tourette Syndrome), and Anxiety.

When are sessions available?

All sessions are by appointment only; there are no walk-in appointments available. If you are in immediate need of help, please call 911 or go directly to the closest emergency room.


Session Fees

Session Type
15 min Consultation Call – Free
Initial/Intake Session – $250
1.5 hr Session – $185
1 hr Session – $125

Payment Options
Private Pay
”Out of Network” options with most insurances companies